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Muranoglass Vases Factory is in Murano - Venice, Master Imperio Rossi was born in 1951. He began to work the glass when he was only thirteen, following his father's teachings. He did his apprenticeship side by side to some of the most important murano glass-masters, learning the technique and “was copying” their secrets. In this way he learnt the art of fusion and inclusions. Firstly he formed a partnership with another master, then, from 1986, he has his own furnace, where initially he specialized in the handicraft production of vases, plates and fancy sweet-boxes. Then he devote himself to the “Millefiori” technique, using the murrinas, the well known murano-glass small coloured beads, creating a lot of different things, artistic pieces characterized by exceptional  craft and colour sense.
His works are exhibited in public and private collections in New York, Madrid, Vienna, Tokyo, Berlino.

For this Reason he started a collaboration with the Master Mario Costantini and one of the most important Murano artisan manufacturer, glass, thank's his production's experience, and the very famous designer for the plan and the realization of new lines and objects.

This Co-operation and the creation of those new lines allowed us to grow considerably the sales up, increasing in a short time both Italian and Foreign customers, exporting successfully all over the world, at present fourteen different collections are being produced Made in Italy :  Centrepieces with Murrina Veneziana glass,Vases, Glass Bowls, Drinking Glasses, Plates, Sculptures, Lamp and accessories, updated every 30/40 days with 1/2 new models .

At Present we distribute our products in Italy and in 52 major foreign countries. More than 1.300 customers have come to love and appreciate our beautiful, ever changing and always trendy, Italian products. They know that they can expect the best that Made in Italy can provide and rely on us for a timely and absolutely professional service.

 We look forward  to be your link to the world of beautiful 'Made in Italy.

Glass Processing in the our factory

Murano Glass veses glass processing.jpg

.Our Showroom

Showroom Muranoglass Vases2.

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Venice - Italy

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