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 Manufacturers of Authentic Murano Glass Made in Italy - Since 1951
Welcome to "Murano Glass Vases" Factory in Murano - Venice - Italy, we are producers of "Murano Glass" and "Murrina" objects, since 1951. You can find an extensive range of handmade glass articles, from the Isle of Murano ( Venice Italy ) In our web site there are:  Murano vases, plates with Murrina Veneziana, glass bowls, glass animals, glass sculptures, glass figurines, plates and centrepieces in Murrina, drinking glasses, decorative home and tables, glass fish, glass birds, wall sconces. Each piece is hand crafted in Murano, Venice in Italy. Our products have also certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass Made in Italy. 
We can deliver Worldwide by UPS courier
We distribute our products in Italy and in 52 major foreign countries. More than 1.300 customers have come to love and appreciate our beautiful product , ever changing and always trendy, Italian products. They know that they can expect the best that Made in Italy can provide and rely on us for a timely and absolutely professional service.

 All our products are exclusively handmade; each article is signed by our Master Glassmakers. Attached sticker Veneto Region by "Promovetro Consortium" further proves its Murano origin.



Direct sales to Wholesalers and Dealers - Minimum Order Euro  300
Realization of a Murano glass Dove


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